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EcoComp – A trade platform for carbon and biodiversity credits that will make a real difference

EcoComp - a platform for carbon and biodiversity offsetting

Providing new opportunities

The purpose of EcoComp is to develop a credible, transparent and market-based trading solution for carbon and biodiversity credits. This is lacking today!

EcoComp will be a powerful way to increase habitats that are in short supply, in both quantity and quality. Thereby species occurring in Sweden would be found in viable populations.

To achieve cost efficiency, the trading solution needs to be developed for large-scale use and for many types of actors. The innovation consists of developing a platform for valuing biological diversity and concluding agreements regarding compensations that can be verified and followed up.

Four main groups of users are expected for the trading platform:

  • buyers of compensation,
  • sellers of land and management services,
  • service companies that offer compensation services and
  • authorities that regulate, provide and receive information.

The market is developing strongly for these services. EcoComp provides opportunities that were previously lacking.

Innovation project

EcoComp is an innovation project. It was initiated by natural environment consultant Calluna, one of the companies in Sweden with the highest competence in terms of biodiversity.

The project brings together parties with very high competence and great commitment. Together they will develop the innovation. Methods, concepts, measures and certificates will be standardized for a large market to emerge.

The project started in 2019 with financial support from Vinnova. During 2022-2023 the trading platform was further developed and tested. The project is now finished, but work is ongoing through an initiative to develop a standard for trading with biodiversity credits for the Swedish market.

We welcome your interest in the project! Public events will take place during the project and there will be news updates (mainly in Swedish). Or if you have any questions, please contact Magnus Stenmark at magnus.stenmark(at)calluna.se.